Mirya my Shiba Inu turns 1 today!

July 7th has some significance in my household because my Shiba Inu Mirya Mae turns 1 today! Time sure has gone by fast! She is a very energetic young pup! Wow…she has energy! I just wanted to take some time and write a quick post and wish her a “Happy Birthday!” I hope that everybody had an amazing weekend!

Mirya Mae7713





A few days ago I posted an Instagrammed photo of a filled Petsmart shopping bag. Yes, my fur babies got some new goodies. In my hometown we don’t have a Petsmart so I jumped on that opportunity. They got a few toys and some treats.

a petsmart haul

Molly Kitty
Toys & Treats
I really wanted to get Molly some new treats where the first ingredient isn’t, “chicken by product.” So I searched the treat aisle and decided on these. The first ingredient in these Castor & Pollux Organix treats is organic chicken. Molly sure loves them! Of course, I had to get Molly a toy. So I decided on this toy down below which does have catnip in it. So far she is loving it.

molly kitty


Mirya & Maddie
I wanted to get Mirya some training treats since I want to train her to do some tricks. So far she knows how to sit and sort of stay.  I decided on the Blue Bits and the Pet Botanics Mini Training Reward treats. I also decided to try the Fruity Snacks from Science Diet because I wanted to try something natural. They have actually ate up this whole bag already. They did like them and I would repurchase them, but I am not going to rush out and get them. I really want to get the Apple Cobbler Snicky Snaks that they got in their last BarkBox. It was featured in their monthly favorites post previous to this post. I just haven’t found a place that carry that brand of treats.

puppy treats

I got a little carried away with toys. Petsmart was actually having a toy sale: buy 2 get 1 free. Mirya is a huge chewer and will chew on anything in her sight. Maddie doesn’t really chew much, but they sure do play tug a war with the toys.

The first toy is from the brand Nylabone and it is a puppy chew key toy. I figured it would be a good toy for Mirya to chew on for awhile.

nylabone key toy

The second toy is once again from the brand Nylabone  and it is a Dura Chew toy. I figured she would love chewing on this toy as well.

nylabone dura collage

The third toy, I pretty much got because well…its adorable! It is a cute little bunny from Martha Stewart’s pet toy collection.

bunny collage

That concludes this puppy & kitty approved haul from Petsmart! I just wanted to leave you with this adorable picture of my lap doggies Mirya and Maddie. Aren’t they adorable?!? I have posted this photo already on my Instagram, but I still wanted to share it.



Paw Approved Monthly Favorites: May 2014


Since I started this new blog, I thought it would be cool to do Maddie’s, Molly’s, and Mirya’s monthly favorites each and every month. On my other blog, I would usually just add a few pictures of their favorite toys and treats in my monthly favorites posts. Here is to a Paw Approved Monthly Favorites series! 😀


Last time I went to Petsmart, I of course had to pick up a toy for Miss Molly Kitty! So spoiled! She absolutely loves it! Probably because there is catnip in it. Check out my video from my Instagram, which is her playing with this toy!


Molly has been loving 2 different kinds of treats this month! She is a big fan of tuna flavor treats. Temptations makes these treats that have cheesy middles. If I was a cat, I’m pretty sure I would love these. Molly does, as she is enjoys them in the photo below. The Buddy Biscuits treats are a more healthier treat. They’re grain free and more of a soft treat. She loves those as well.



So Molly sleeps a lot! That is the life of being a cat, I suppose! But, she is always checking out new places to find the next best napping place. Her all time top favorite place lately has been on top of my pink pillow, which is on top of the futon in my room. Also, recently I got a new computer chair. So she of course had to check that out as well. She is in either spot! Right now as I type this, she is sleeping on top of the pink pillow. Although, I did limit her choices because her human is sitting in the computer chair. How dare I?!?





Maddie and Mirya both love toys! Whenever they get a new toy, they always fight over who gets it! It is sort of like a game of tug-a-war. Well, my niece recently picked up the yellow duck toy for them and, my oh my, do they ever love that toy!! They could play tug-a-war forever with it.

IMG_20140605_155832094 IMG_20140605_155812418

A Instagrammed video of them playing Tug-a-War

Mirya has been loving a few other toys as well. She has a toy addiction! She is such a chewer, so I always have to have toys around so she doesn’t get bored and go for the shoes or the woodwork. Although, she doesn’t always pick the toys! :/

IMG_20140602_150913 IMG_20140527_121053

A Instagrammed video of her playing with the carrot toy!

Mirya playing with her #barkbox toy #miryatheshibainu #shibainu #dogsofinstagram

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Apple Cobbler Snicky Snaks Organic Dog Treats
Mirya & Maddie received these treats in their latest BarkBox and they sure ate these right up! If I was forced to eat a dog treat, I hope that it would be these. They smell exactly like apple cobbler. They loved them! You can see them responding to the command, “sit” in the photo below. I mean look at those eyes! They’re screaming, “TREATS!!!!” These treats are organic and very natural. They’re hard treats, but easily crumble with a touch of a dog’s tooth. I was quite impressed with these and will pick them up if I see them in stores.




This photo was taking awhile ago, but I wanted to include it because they still have been loving oranges this month. Oranges are their favorite! Maddie runs up to the kitchen from the living room when she hears the crisper drawer in the fridge open. She has a 6th sense of oranges. She loves them that much! I read that it was okay to give dogs oranges, just as long as it is in moderation. Nobody wants doggy diarrhea! Some fruits like grapes are poisonous to dogs, so I wanted to check it out before giving them some.


Well, that concludes this month’s paw approved monthly favorites! I hope you enjoyed this post! I know that I really enjoyed writing it! 🙂 Let me know what you thought of it! Do you want to see more of Mirya, Maddie, and Molly?? What kind of posts would you like to see from this blog!?! I hope you subscribe, like this post, and comment!




Dogs 101 & Cats 101 Videos Vs. Maddie, Mirya, & Molly

So I thought it would be fun to compare my observations with my pets to what Animal Planet says about them! I have 3 pets: a shiba inu, a westie, and a short hair domestic cat. Some of the videos  did a good job describing the breeds, but I feel like parts of some were way off!


What I agree with

  • Independent nature
  • Loyal
  • Loving
  • Has a wild appearance
  • Cat-like
  • Quiet
  • Adaptable to any environment
  • Not the best for beginner pet parents

Agree on but not fully (somewhere in the middle)

  • Training: I feel like shiba inus are a little more harder to train than other dogs, but not to the point that the video says. She learned how to sit only after a couple of times.

 West Highland White Terriors

What I agree with

  • Strong tails (although I never plan to test out their theory)
  • Not a fan of little critters and loves chasing after them (squirrels, chipmunks)
  • Good cold weather dog
  • Good with family

What I disagree with

  • NOT a Lap dog! That is so untrue! Maddie is a big time lap dog! She is always taking a nap on someones lap. My family (my immediate family, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, few family friends) has had a ton of westies and I have never met a non-lap dog westie!
  • A lot to handle! Maddie is not a lot of handle! Either have been my family’s westies.

Domestic Short Hair Tabby

What I agree with

  • Good night vision
  • Varied personality
  • Independent
  • Generally healthy and only needing routine healthcare
  • Long maintenance
  • Good family pet

So that concludes this post! Comment and let me know what you thought! Are you intrigued by any of the breeds that I discussed today?!?




A Paaawsome Introduction!

My name is Brittany! You may know me from a different blog here on the lovely WordPress, called The Beauty Deputy! If you have been following that blog, I’m sure you know that I love my pets! I am a big animal lover! Well, I decided to start a blog just for my pets! I have 3 pets including: 2 dogs and a cat!

Maddie Mae

Full Name: Miss Maddie Mae
Goes by: Maddie
Breed: West Highland White Terrior
Born: October 23, 2003
Adopted: December 14, 2003
Birth Place: South Dakota
Personality: loyal, loves chasing squirrels, lap dog, and sweet as can be


Molly Mae

Full Name: Miss Molly Mae
Goes by Molly
Breed: Short Hair Tabby
Born: actual date unknown (picked birthday June 4, 2010)
Birth Place: unknown due to being a stray cat
Adopted: July 3, 2011
Personality: friendly, nap loving, not a fan of other cats, and treat loving


Mirya Mae

Full Name: Miss Mirya Mae
Goes by Mirya
Breed: Shiba Inu
Born: July 7, 2013
Birth Place: A small town in Minnesota
Adopted: October 8, 2013
Personality: loyal, energetic, big time chewer, independent, and friendly


As you can tell all of my pets have a name starting with a M and share the middle name Mae. Yup, that is how I role! That makes them the M&M Sisters!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this post! Comment and let me know what you think of this blog and I hope that you subscribe. What kind of posts would you like to see!?!?


Their Human Brittany & A Tongue in the face from Maddie, Molly, and Mirya!