Paw Approved Monthly Favorites: May 2014


Since I started this new blog, I thought it would be cool to do Maddie’s, Molly’s, and Mirya’s monthly favorites each and every month. On my other blog, I would usually just add a few pictures of their favorite toys and treats in my monthly favorites posts. Here is to a Paw Approved Monthly Favorites series! 😀


Last time I went to Petsmart, I of course had to pick up a toy for Miss Molly Kitty! So spoiled! She absolutely loves it! Probably because there is catnip in it. Check out my video from my Instagram, which is her playing with this toy!


Molly has been loving 2 different kinds of treats this month! She is a big fan of tuna flavor treats. Temptations makes these treats that have cheesy middles. If I was a cat, I’m pretty sure I would love these. Molly does, as she is enjoys them in the photo below. The Buddy Biscuits treats are a more healthier treat. They’re grain free and more of a soft treat. She loves those as well.



So Molly sleeps a lot! That is the life of being a cat, I suppose! But, she is always checking out new places to find the next best napping place. Her all time top favorite place lately has been on top of my pink pillow, which is on top of the futon in my room. Also, recently I got a new computer chair. So she of course had to check that out as well. She is in either spot! Right now as I type this, she is sleeping on top of the pink pillow. Although, I did limit her choices because her human is sitting in the computer chair. How dare I?!?





Maddie and Mirya both love toys! Whenever they get a new toy, they always fight over who gets it! It is sort of like a game of tug-a-war. Well, my niece recently picked up the yellow duck toy for them and, my oh my, do they ever love that toy!! They could play tug-a-war forever with it.

IMG_20140605_155832094 IMG_20140605_155812418

A Instagrammed video of them playing Tug-a-War

Mirya has been loving a few other toys as well. She has a toy addiction! She is such a chewer, so I always have to have toys around so she doesn’t get bored and go for the shoes or the woodwork. Although, she doesn’t always pick the toys! :/

IMG_20140602_150913 IMG_20140527_121053

A Instagrammed video of her playing with the carrot toy!

Mirya playing with her #barkbox toy #miryatheshibainu #shibainu #dogsofinstagram

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Apple Cobbler Snicky Snaks Organic Dog Treats
Mirya & Maddie received these treats in their latest BarkBox and they sure ate these right up! If I was forced to eat a dog treat, I hope that it would be these. They smell exactly like apple cobbler. They loved them! You can see them responding to the command, “sit” in the photo below. I mean look at those eyes! They’re screaming, “TREATS!!!!” These treats are organic and very natural. They’re hard treats, but easily crumble with a touch of a dog’s tooth. I was quite impressed with these and will pick them up if I see them in stores.




This photo was taking awhile ago, but I wanted to include it because they still have been loving oranges this month. Oranges are their favorite! Maddie runs up to the kitchen from the living room when she hears the crisper drawer in the fridge open. She has a 6th sense of oranges. She loves them that much! I read that it was okay to give dogs oranges, just as long as it is in moderation. Nobody wants doggy diarrhea! Some fruits like grapes are poisonous to dogs, so I wanted to check it out before giving them some.


Well, that concludes this month’s paw approved monthly favorites! I hope you enjoyed this post! I know that I really enjoyed writing it! 🙂 Let me know what you thought of it! Do you want to see more of Mirya, Maddie, and Molly?? What kind of posts would you like to see from this blog!?! I hope you subscribe, like this post, and comment!