A few days ago I posted an Instagrammed photo of a filled Petsmart shopping bag. Yes, my fur babies got some new goodies. In my hometown we don’t have a Petsmart so I jumped on that opportunity. They got a few toys and some treats.

a petsmart haul

Molly Kitty
Toys & Treats
I really wanted to get Molly some new treats where the first ingredient isn’t, “chicken by product.” So I searched the treat aisle and decided on these. The first ingredient in these Castor & Pollux Organix treats is organic chicken. Molly sure loves them! Of course, I had to get Molly a toy. So I decided on this toy down below which does have catnip in it. So far she is loving it.

molly kitty


Mirya & Maddie
I wanted to get Mirya some training treats since I want to train her to do some tricks. So far she knows how to sit and sort of stay.  I decided on the Blue Bits and the Pet Botanics Mini Training Reward treats. I also decided to try the Fruity Snacks from Science Diet because I wanted to try something natural. They have actually ate up this whole bag already. They did like them and I would repurchase them, but I am not going to rush out and get them. I really want to get the Apple Cobbler Snicky Snaks that they got in their last BarkBox. It was featured in their monthly favorites post previous to this post. I just haven’t found a place that carry that brand of treats.

puppy treats

I got a little carried away with toys. Petsmart was actually having a toy sale: buy 2 get 1 free. Mirya is a huge chewer and will chew on anything in her sight. Maddie doesn’t really chew much, but they sure do play tug a war with the toys.

The first toy is from the brand Nylabone and it is a puppy chew key toy. I figured it would be a good toy for Mirya to chew on for awhile.

nylabone key toy

The second toy is once again from the brand Nylabone  and it is a Dura Chew toy. I figured she would love chewing on this toy as well.

nylabone dura collage

The third toy, I pretty much got because well…its adorable! It is a cute little bunny from Martha Stewart’s pet toy collection.

bunny collage

That concludes this puppy & kitty approved haul from Petsmart! I just wanted to leave you with this adorable picture of my lap doggies Mirya and Maddie. Aren’t they adorable?!? I have posted this photo already on my Instagram, but I still wanted to share it.




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