About their Human

My name is Brittany and I am their human!
I started this blog because I love animals and I have a lot to say! 🙂

My 3 Pets (from oldest to youngest)

  • Maddie Mae the Westie
  • Molly Mae the Short Hair Tabby
  • Mirya Mae the Shiba Inu

For more basic information on my 3 pets check out this post here.

Here is some more information about me…

  • I love blogging! I have 2 blogs! This one and The Beauty Deputy which is makeup and skincare based. You can find that blog here.
  •  I am from Minnesota and I have lived here my whole life.
  • I am a “quarter of a century” years old.
  • I work as a Registered Nurse on the Medical-Surgical floor at a hospital.
  • I would love to open my own Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Center.
  • I am very family orientated and they mean the world to me!
  • My future husband (whoever he may be) must love animals as well!
  • I would love to own a couple horses!
  • Some hobbies include: blogging (that one was a given), bike riding, kayaking, and watching movies.

That concludes this about me section! If you’re curious about any other thing about me, there is always the comment section! 🙂



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